Create Your Own

Timeless Elegance

The Brand emerges from Guya Mariani’s enthusiasm and fascination for the unparalleled Italian craftsmanship of luxury skins accessories.

Affirming herself as the only Designer exclusively dedicated to fashion and lifestyle accessories in luxury skins, she is not just determined to export Italian timeless elegance and prestige, but also to unleash her clients’ imagination through her customization service.

With Guya Mariani, each client has the possibility to make its own fashion statement with its personalized luxury accessory.

In a world where almost everything is forced into conformation and especially fashion trends are imposed, finding a fashion accessory that can truly communicate one owns unique personality has become almost impossible.

Fashion accessories that hold the thought, the passion and the human identity by a centenary Italian artistry, which is felt, is seen, is noticed and is appreciated.

It is meaningful.

It is with this Philosophy that Guya Mariani develops limited collections entirely Hand Made in Italy and customized one-off items that are valued and admired for their distinguished elegance, quality and charisma.

Luxury and Quality

Finest skins and materials handcrafted by the world’s best Italian artisans

to the highest standards.

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