Hand Made in Italy


Each GUYA MARIANI accessory is one and only. Each is numbered and authenticated by a special certificate signed by her own hand.

Everlasting flair, sophistication and style portray GUYA MARIANI’s concept of luxury and charm.

Her collections represent the true essence of Italian luxury fashion around the world, revealing the outstanding craftsmanship, the quality, the sentiment and the intellect behind each and every item. GUYA MARIANI does not compromise in quality and perfection.

State-of-the-art Design and Time-honored Artistry.


Guya Mariani Women Collection comprises over 120 different accessories. Contact us to learn more. View more models on Instagram.


GUYA MARIANI’s is greatly dedicated in designing Men’s collections.

From wallets to belts and garments, to travel bags and business cases.

Charismatic designs with and infinite choice of colors to match every fashion trend, style and season a man wants to experience.

GUYA MARIANI Mens Collection comprises over 40 different accessories. Contact us to learn more. View more models on Instagram.


GUYA MARIANI’s sense of luxury apparel extends to the comfort of exhibiting fashion also through lifestyle items that beautify and elevate one’s everyday life.

A wide range of captivating and imaginative elements that comprise sports equipment, home accessories, cases, furniture and leisure articles.

Outstanding uniqueness for a striking way of life.

GUYA MARIANI Lifestyle Collection consists of over 50 different accessories. Contact us to learn more or for special requests. View more items on Instagram.

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Customization is our privilege. At GUYA MARIANI our customers have the freedom of choice in skins and colors to match their wishes in matter of fashion or lifestyle.

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